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The Professor José Tomás Zeberio

        J.T. Zeberio was born in 1912 in Argentina. He was anthropologist, physicist, mathematician, a man of science. He developed extraordinary gifts of clairvoyance and out-of-body projection.

        In his immense work he gives responses to our essential questions:
Where do we come from? Why are we on Earth? Where do we go?

        His biggest discovery is, without a doubt, the origin and constitution of our "Superior Self" and of his system of evolutive energies. The wonderful mechanics he reveals show us how this "self" is definitively connected to our body "to walk the stairway of the spiritual evolution".

        On this site you will find information on Jose Zeberio and our French Center. There are also studies on the immense work of Jose Tomas Zeberio. In giving answers to these questions, he thought he could help others become aware of their reason for life on Earth. He would avoid a lot of mistakes like those that provoke wars.

        The discoveries he shared would not have been possible without special gifts. As early as the age of five, thanks to a first-rate clairvoyance, he began seeing phenomena. He saw colors of energies inside people, animals, plants or minerals.

        His approach and his Working Methods are not philosophical, and even less religious, but purely scientific and experimental.

        The results of his eager studies has been realised in the publishing of his immense work whose main part is located in "The Laws of the Creative Evolution".

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