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J.T. ZEBERIO working methods
and his clairvoyance gifts

        J.T. Zeberio approaches issues of interest to him in a scientific and experimental way rather than from a philosophical or spiritual standpoint.

        If he had not used his clairvoyance that he has developed and worked on for years, his exceptional discoveries would not have been possible.

        José Tomas Zeberio got to a rarely equaled level of perception. He was of course gifted, but it was through especially intense work that he got so far in his discoveries.

        He later realized moving with his physical body limited the possibilities of clairvoyance for his research. It was particularly limiting going to the far end of the sea looking for the origin of life on earth or following an "energetic cumulus" (quantum of energies, delimited gasiform cloud that constitutes our "Self" after death).

        He had to learn then, how to get out of his body. Thanks to many years of practice, he is able to extremely widen his capacities in this domain.

        Year after year, the fields he opened were so new he created new disciplines and his own vocabulary. He also developed a work method adapted to his clairvoyance and out of the body capacities.

        J.T. Zeberio works and communicates with us like a photographer. He reproduces for us what he saw with the help of drawings, commenting on and analyzing it.

         Only occasionally he will look to relate the world he sees to our scientific, religious, or psychological knowledge. He transmits what he sees, in a raw state.

        Those who approach his work and particularly his basic book published in 1975,"The Laws of Creative Evolution", must be patient if they want to penetrate this world of energies. With enough perseverance to go through the disorientation, the rewards are beyond the imagination.

        J.T. Zeberio gives us total liberty. Science does not judge or impose, it simply expresses. Behind the scientific message, is truly a "direction for use". It is given to help us to climb the ladder of the Spiritual Evolution with the knowledge that leads to Wisdom.

        Due to a new vocabulary invented by the Professor J.T. Zeberio, we have created an included a "lexicon" (with definitions) on this site. The lexicon will grow up and will be updated with additional vocabulary and definitions within the new coming developped themes.
You can normally call the "Lexicon" via the (Def) tag representation or via the up left menu.

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