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Information about the Immense Work of J.T. Zebebrio

        Here is the list of many themes we are going to develop. At this time all the rubriques are not yet available but will come up periodicaly in the next month.

        Nevertheless, we have to mention that theses studies will only give a very sketchy overall of Professor Zeberio's work, that it would be necessary to study more deeply with the 2 books named: "The Laws of Creative Evolution".

        Here is what is revealed:

--> The energetic system of the living on the Earth

The beautiful story of our "Spirit".
The evolution of the living on the Earth:

  • Evolution from 600 to 8,000 vibratons(Def.)
  • Evolution during lifetime.
  • Body/Spirit Relationship.
The reincarnation of the Human Being:

Why death is necessary for the evolution.

How J.T. Zeberio used his discoveries to create new therapy methods involving energies.

The place of J.T. Zeberio in the science.

The place of J.T. Zeberio in the human spirituality.

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