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Dorotea Büttner de Zeberio

 Dorotea Zeberio

        For the writing and illustration of his publications in Spanish as well as French, English and German, the Professor has always been helped in his work by his faithful assistant and wife Dorotea Büttner de Zeberio.

        She has always accompanied the Professor in many countries he has visited for continuing his research and study the Magnetic Geologic Fields he discovered in South America as well as in Europe, in Africa, in India and in China.

        She founded the "FUNDACION J.T. ZEBERIO" in place of "EL INSTITUTO AGENTINO DE INVESTIGACIONES ENERGETICAS" at Buenos Aires which had been created to facilite the works of the professor and allow him to teach.

        Coauthor of notebooks "Actuality Themes" which have been published in Argentina by the Buenos Aires foundation.

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