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What is clairvoyance?

     The ability to see things hidden from ordinary physical view is called clairvoyance.

     Three precisions:

  1. The perceptive, depending on his level of energetic potential, will perceive very different elements with a range of frequencies that can vary considerably. The clairvoyance consists therefore to widen more or less the lengths of waves that we are capable of perceiving with our senses.

    The frequency of the perceived vibrations by the ear is about 30-32,000 per second. The eye is 35-70,000 billions per second. This is infinitesimal in comparison with the whole lengths of existing waves. Let us recall that frequency of x-rays crossing our body is of 30-60 millions of billions per second.

    We can not see the vibrations of intermediary frequencies in these three categories. It is like a piano, millions of miles long, we could hear only some key notes.

  1. All information reaches us simultaneously with our eyes. We see pictures as a whole. The clairvoyant has to effectuate a scanning, as we do when we want to obtain a radio frequency. He must recognize the location of his view and check frequencies to avoid interpretation errors.

  2. These faculties, called "gifts" or "powers", are latent in each one of us and have development potential. As with tennis, music or math, we can be more or less gifted, more or less motivated. It is a question of conviction and practice.

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